Mayor Marty Walsh Goes For a Bike Ride

It was the first time since he took office that the city’s leader hopped on two wheels with people from the community.

When he mounted the bike at the Dudley Town Common he was a bit wobbly, his knees jutting out to the sides as he tried to steady the handlebars and keep the front wheel straight. But within a block from the neighborhood park space, and with the guidance of seasoned riders, Mayor Marty Walsh steadily pedaled along the busy streets of Boston with relative ease for a full four miles.

It was the first time in years that the mayor took such a long trip on two wheels, but he wanted to prove to the bike community that he’s invested in making sure new infrastructure and changes to the street-scape address cyclists’ concerns, so that Boston can remain one of the top bike-friendly communities in the country.

“As I talk about future transportation plans for the city, and what we are going to look like, bikes have to be a big part of that infrastructure,” he said.

Walsh’s Saturday morning bike ride took the mayor, and more than a dozen cyclists from various advocacy groups, from Dudley Square to the Boston Police Department, through the Fens toward the Museum of Fine Arts, past Fenway Park, up into Brookline—briefly—before ending on Commonwealth Avenue, at Landry’s Bicycles, across from Boston University.