Marty believes every resident of Boston should be able to depend on the city to provide the absolute best in basic services, every single day, no exceptions. As mayor, that’s the standard he has set, from garbage collection and street cleaning, to graffiti cleanup and streetlight replacement; from traffic signals and parking permits; to birth certificates, marriage licenses, and voting.

From day one, Mayor Walsh installed a performance-driven, people-first culture in City Hall. It’s a culture that uses data and technology to improve performance and innovate better systems; looks at every service and system for opportunities to improve; and listens and responds to residents’ input on a constant basis, both out in the neighborhoods and via the 311 system.

Marty’s Record

  • Installed a data dashboard in the Mayor’s Office and cabinet offices, to monitor performance on a real-time basis.
  • Launched 311, a multi-platform, 24-hour helpline and reporting system.
    • Phone (landline or cell): dial 3-1-1
    • Mobile: download the free BOS:311 app on iOS or Android
    • Web:
    • Social media: tweet @BOS311
    • This year, Mayor Walsh added recovery services to 311, allowing people struggling with substance use or their families to access recovery resources at any time.
  • Established a cross-departmental Analytics Team to use data to drive service improvement. This year the Mayor also launched Analyze Boston, the City’s open data hub.
  • Created CityScore, a groundbreaking, transparent performance measurement system for city services. Learn more about CityScore and its impact: Learn more about CityScore and its impact, here.
  • Reinvented the City’s website,, based on massive user input research and modern accessibility standards.
  • Revamped the City Hall to Go truck and expanded its services.
  • Increased ease of getting city permits, such as moving-truck parking. Learn more, here.
  • Launched early voting locations around the city for the November 2016 election, which nearly 48,000 Bostonians, or 11.5% of registered voters, took advantage of.
  • Made City Hall more welcoming, from adding a coffee shop to creating a front lawn. Learn more, here.

Marty’s Plan

  • Never stop improving basic city services by: 1) fostering a culture of dedicated service in City departments; and 2) exploring and adopting innovative state-of-the-art practices for improving service.  
  • Make Boston a global municipal leader in open data, to promote transparency and foster citizen-led solutions to city policy challenges. Learn more, here.