Marty believes Boston should be a leader in the digital revolution that is reshaping the global economy. From convening the startup community online and in City Hall; to recruiting industry leaders to move to Boston and share their spaces with the community; to inviting local tech talent to help bring city services into the 21st century: Mayor Walsh has worked to keep Boston’s economy and people at the forefront of global innovation.

Integral to Marty’s strategy has been making Boston a leader in innovation equity. He has extended the innovation ecosystem into the neighborhoods and driven both the city and the private sector to share their skills more widely, including networks and capital. Among the results: in 2016 Boston was named America’s #1 city for digital innovation.

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Marty’s Record

  • Supporting the startup and innovation community.
    • Created StartHub, a city office and website to convene, connect, and market Boston’s startup community. Learn more, here.
    • Partnered with local app developers on mobile city services such as 311, ParkBoston parking meter payment, and Trash Day reminders.
    • Held successful hackathons to invite local innovators to forge solutions in areas including human trafficking, online permitting, and school transportation.
  • Expanding Access to the Innovation Ecosystem.
    • Created the position of Broadband and Digital Equity Advocate to improve access to high-speed internet and the digital economy citywide.
    • Expanded fiber optic broadband infrastructure, in an agreement with Verizon that brings consumer choice to high-speed internet and media access and establishes fiber infrastructure in Boston’s neighborhoods.
    • Launched Wicked Free Wi-Fi to bring free public wireless connectivity to neighborhood commercial districts.
    • Launched the Roxbury Innovation Center in the Bruce Bolling Building in Dudley Square, using City-owned space to give neighborhood-based startups access to the innovation economy. Learn more, here.
    • Invested in the new, $70+ million Dearborn 6-12 STEM Academy in Roxbury, Boston’s first new school building of, and for, the 21st century. Learn more, here.
    • Launched startup incubators for students at two BPS schools. Learn more, here.
    • Partnered with Resilient Coders to teach at-risk young people how to design, build, and market websites. Learn more, here.
  • Making Boston a municipal leader in data-driven performance and engagement technology.
    • Transformed the city’s outdated website into an accessible, welcoming front door to city services and resources. Learn more, here.
    • Created the positions of Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer to drive innovation and engagement.
    • Established a cross-departmental Analytics Team to measure and improve services.
    • Created CityScore, a groundbreaking, transparent performance measurement system for city services. Learn more about CityScore and its impact, here.
    • Launched a multi-platform 311 system to make the City more responsive while at the same time gathering data to drive service improvement. Learn more about Excellent City Services.

Marty’s Plan

  • Use the new citywide plan, Imagine Boston 2030, to guide innovation jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities to every neighborhood.
  • Build on the success of the Dearborn building to put STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) skills at the center of curriculum development, career pathways, and facilities investment in education, from preschool through college and career training.
  • Expand the Neighborhood Innovation District initiative that is proving successful in Dudley Square, Roxbury, into other communities.