Marty has a long record of fighting for LGBTQ rights. From his days as a state representative helping Massachusetts lead the way in gay marriage, to advocating for transgender rights as mayor, Marty has always always stood up for the LGBTQ community in Boston and beyond. He has worked hard to make sure everyone feels welcome in Boston, regardless of their identity or who they love.

Read Marty’s personal reflections on fighting for equality. 

Marty’s Record

  • Marriage equality. As a state legislator, Marty fought off tremendous pressure in order to play a key role in securing Massachusetts’ pioneering marriage equality law in 2004 and 2007. In 2015, Mayor Walsh signed the City of Boston onto a brief before the Supreme Court in the case that secured marriage equality nationwide.
  • Representation. Marty’s cabinet and staff includes several LGBTQ members.
  • Inclusion. Mayor Walsh helped broker the agreements allowing LGBTQ veterans to march openly in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the first time.
  • Public accommodations. As mayor, Marty designated gender neutral bathrooms outside his office and the City Council, so all employees and visitors can be comfortable accessing City Hall’s facilities. Then, while the state public accommodations bill was being debated, Mayor Walsh flew a transgender pride flag on City Hall Plaza to show support and solidarity with the LGBTQ community. Learn more, here. Earlier this year, when an anti-trans rights movement visited Boston, Mayor Walsh put the flag back up in front of City Hall to let the world know where we stand.
  • Health care access. His first year in office, Mayor Walsh partnered with the City Council to ensure all City employees have access to transition-related healthcare services. Learn more, here.
  • Supporting LGBTQ seniors. The City partnered with health care provider Ethos to start the first LGBTQ lunch site in the country, Cafe Emmanuel.

Marty’s Plan

  • Mayor Walsh will remain vigilant and will take action when needed in defense against any attempts at the federal or state levels to roll back civil rights. Read more about his leadership stance.
  • Mayor Walsh believes in continually listening to all the diverse voices in the community to understand how we can do better as a city and a city government.