Marty believes that every Bostonian deserves to live in a healthy environment and have access to top-quality healthcare. As mayor, he has been committed to protecting and promoting the health and well-being of all Boston residents, especially the most vulnerable. He spoke out in national debates over access to affordable care, declaring that healthcare is a human right. Learn more, here.

At the city level, Mayor Walsh has invested in preventive measures and grown opportunities for Bostonians to stay fit and healthy. And he has made Boston a national leader in both climate action and fighting addiction.

Marty’s Record

  • Invested in upgrading the South End Fitness Center, an accessible wellness facility in the heart of the city.
  • Increased free summer fitness programs for all ages in our city’s parks.
  • Cleaner, safer neighborhoods. Mayor Walsh introduced the Mobile Sharps Collection Team to clear Boston of unsafely discarded needles. Residents can use the 311 mobile app or phone hotline to report a loose needle and the clean up crew will locate and collect the waste.
  • Lowered the default speed limit to 25 miles per hour, a proven way of reducing traffic fatalities.
  • Expanded the Hubway bike-sharing program to historically underserved neighborhoods.
  • Set up free sunscreen dispensers in parks across the city to prevent skin damage and melanoma.
  • Raised the age to purchase tobacco and related paraphernalia to 21 to prevent youth tobacco use, and restricted the sale of flavored tobacco products marketed to young people.
  • Made Boston the second city nationwide to ban smokeless tobacco ban at ball fields, to prevent the use of cancer-causing products among youth and children.
  • Launched new neighborhood-based trauma response and recovery teams that will support Boston residents and provide ongoing access to evidence-based trauma treatment;
  • Expanded Boston EMS’ uniformed employees team, the first increase in seven years, to help meet the heightened demand for emergency medical services and reduce response times for the city’s highest priority calls.
  • Hired a new food service provider for the Boston Public Schools known for supplying wholesome, nutritious meals.

Marty’s Plan

  • Continue to unite Boston and speak on the national stage in favor of access to quality health care for every Bostonian and every American.
  • Continue to make sure every Bostonian has the clean air and open space they need to live healthy, active lives, as guided by Imagine Boston 2030 and our Climate Action Plan.
  • Continue to support biking and walking in our city, and promote active transportation.
  • Continue to build partnerships with community health centers, especially focused on preventing illness, promoting good health, and fighting addiction.