Walsh Budget Praised for Strong Commitments to Communities Across Boston

June 30, 2017 News
Mayor Marty Walsh

FY18 Budget Invests in Education, Affordable Housing, Economic Opportunity, Transportation, and Public Safety

(Boston, MA) –  Mayor Walsh’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget drew praise today from small businesses, parents, elected officials and Bostonians for its strong commitments to uplift and empower communities across Boston. Since taking office, Mayor Walsh’s budgets have consistently invested in improving city services, while addressing issues important to Bostonians. These efforts include continuing strong fiscal management, maintaining high levels of support for educating our students, keeping Boston safe, expanding upon strategic savings initiatives to avoid $60 million in costs, and positioning Boston to manage through instability at the national level.

Members of the Boston City Council and community affirmed the Mayor’s fiscal practices:

Mark Ciommo, District 9 Boston City Councilor

City Services

“Since Mayor Walsh took office in 2014, I’ve seen him consistently work to invest in our City where it matters most to our families and our neighborhoods. We will continue to work together to ensure that our city receives the best services possible.”

Andrea Campbell, District 4 Boston City Councilor

Youth Development Programs

“I know firsthand the transformative effects mentoring and youth development programs have on the lives of young people including diverting them away from the criminal justice system and instead putting them on track for successful life outcomes.  Since taking office in 2016 increasing City funding for these programs has been a number one priority for me.  For the first time ever, the City’s budget will include a funding line item specifically for youth development programs, which will create opportunity for more youth across our City.  My hope is that this fund will grow every year to eventually be in the millions.  I thank Mayor Walsh for his commitment and partnership.”

Annissa Essaibi-George, At-Large Boston City Councilor

Public Education, Students Facing Homelessness

“Nearly 4,000 Boston Public School students are experiencing homelessness. When I called on Mayor Walsh to make sure that that the district was meeting the needs of these students — he listened. In the next school year BPS will be investing $1.2 Million for school based supports specifically targeted to students that are experiencing homelessness. That investment, as well as the investments he made to expand the mobile sharps team and bring on four new permanent mental health clinicians, show that Mayor Walsh is not only compassionate, but makes sound financial decisions that turn compassion into action. I’m grateful to work with a Mayor who listens, and I look forward to working with him for years to come.

Matt O’Malley, District 6 Boston City Councilor

Parks, Environment and Open Space, Accessibility

“Now more than ever, it’s incumbent on local policy makers to protect our environment and preserve the green space that we have. There has been a conscious effort to support open space in Boston by Mayor Walsh, and I was proud to work with him in securing a nearly $5 million investment in Jamaica Pond in this year’s budget. The Jamaica Pond pathway project will make it easier for all Bostonians to enjoy a crown jewel of the Emerald Necklace, including better access for those living with disabilities, cyclists, and runners. Job well done to my colleagues on the council and to the Mayor for passing this sound budget.”

Bud Ris, Green Ribbon Commission

Environment and Open Space, Climate Change

“Boston is one of only a few major cities in the country that has begun to prepare for the impacts of climate change without having experienced a major storm like Sandy or Katrina. Thanks to Mayor Walsh’s leadership, the new budget includes a major commitment to making Boston more resilient to the effects of sea level rise and increased exposure to coastal flooding. Most importantly, the funds will be used to develop resilience solutions for some of the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the City.”

Lee Pelton, President, Emerson College

Arts and Culture

“Great cities have great arts and culture, which are essential sources of urban vitality and a major driving force for Boston’s economy, producing more than a $1 billion in revenue each year in greater Boston. Mayor Walsh’s support of an active arts community and diverse cultural initiatives is critical for Boston’s continued growth, helping to strengthen the city’s economic viability by providing jobs and attracting businesses and services that draw residents and visitors from around the world. In particular, the Boston Creates strategic plan, building on a grass roots and shared vision of arts and culture as well as Vision 2030’s advocacy for an arts innovation district, represent the Mayor’s inspired leadership for arts and cultural growth and sustainability.”

Neil Sullivan, Executive Director, Boston Private Industry Council

Youth Employment, Job Creation

“The city budget investment in youth employment is critical to a workforce training strategy that focuses on developing the talent within our neighborhoods to contribute to and benefit from the growth of our economy. The talented team in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development is making things happen both on the waterfront and in the neighborhoods.  This investment is paying for itself and then some by expanding the city’s tax base substantially and opening up more jobs for Boston residents.”

Heather Donnellan, South Boston Resident

First-time Home Owner, Housing Resources

“Despite saving for several years and having a great job, buying a condo as a single person seemed impossible because of the high prices and competitive market. I found out about the programs through the city of Boston through Homebuyer education classes and it seemed possible again. A few months later I purchased a condo in South Boston and I couldn’t be happier. The mayor is continuously working towards creating a community where local people are still able to live and work in the City. Without the investment in housing, it will be impossible for the average person to be able to live in the city that they love. I can’t thank the Mayor enough for keeping programs and investments in housing so that someone like me has the opportunity to live, invest and be part of the Boston community.”

Chris Thompson, Hyde Park Resident

Parent, Public Education Resources

“As a parent, I want to make sure that my son is receiving the best support possible in a welcoming and safe environment. My son is extremely smart and talented and because of the great work of the Joseph Lee School faculty, staff, and specialists, he is continuing to improve. That’s why Mayor Walsh has my support. Because of his increased investments into the school system, one day my boy will be able to look back and see how far he has come.”

Regis Gonzalez, Owner of Lani’s Pizza

Small Businesses, Local Economy

“My father-in-law and I opened Lani’s Pizza in Mattapan, and it has been exciting to watch it come to life in a little over a year. I know Mayor Walsh wants to see businesses –small and large– grow; it helps boost our economy. The programs he offers really does put small businesses like mine on a pathway to success. The new business center that he recently announced in Mattapan will do wonders for business owners like myself. I look forward to seeing what else he has in store for our community because it seems like he’s just getting started– in a very good way.”

Gerry Wright, Conservationist

Parks, Environment and Open Space, Accessibility

“I’ve been a supporter of the Jamaica Pond for 59 years. The decision of the Mayor to repair the path and the landscaping around the pond is an important decision. It will enhance not only the safety of the park but, the overall experience by making it more accessible for people to enjoy in nature and gather as a community. Mayor Walsh’s commitment to all the parks is a clear statement of how he cares that every single family, regardless of socioeconomic background or neighborhood of residence, deserves access to one of the most enjoyable and healthy amenities this city has to offer.”