Ward 10 Democratic Committee Unanimously Endorses Mayor Walsh For Reelection

August 22, 2017 News
Mayor Walsh With State Rep. Jeff Sanchez and neighborhood leaders

Community Leaders Cite Mayor Walsh’s Record of Building Affordable Housing, Improving Education, and Providing Economic Opportunity

On Monday, August 21, Boston’s Ward 10 Democratic Committee unanimously endorsed Mayor Marty Walsh for re-election, citing his record of building affordable housing, creating good paying jobs, and ensuring every child gets a quality education.

Ward 10 Democratic Committee Co-Chair Richard Giordano made the announcement immediately following the endorsements, “While there is much more work to be done to improve the lives of the resident of Boston, after listening to the arguments offered for each candidate we felt that Mayor Walsh is leading the city in the right direction and we wanted to stay the course with Mayor Walsh. The Committee also wishes to thank Councilor Jackson for his commitment and hard work on behalf of the people of the City.”

Representative Jeffrey Sanchez addressed the members of the Ward 10 Committee and gathered neighbors on behalf of Mayor Walsh speaking passionately about the Mayor’s commitment to the neighborhoods of Jamaica Plain and Mission Hill on issues of violence prevention, health care, and economic equality for all residents.

Upon receiving notice of the endorsement, Mayor Walsh released the following statement:  “We’re proud to receive the unanimous endorsement of the Ward 10 Democratic Committee.  We have worked hard to improve the lives of residents of Mission Hill, Jamaica Plain, and across the entire City.  I look forward to continuing the work we’ve started to ensure that every child receives a strong education, every family has access to affordable homes, and that we create good-paying jobs for all Bostonians.”

Mayor Walsh with the Mission Hill Little League

Patricia Flaherty, Ward 10 Co-Chair, stated “Mayor Walsh has made significant progress in many areas and is working with us to ensure Boston remains diverse – in terms of race, culture, age, and economics.  The Mayor has built 8300 units of low and moderate income housing, and is committed to increasing this supply to ensure diversity of our housing stock and neighborhoods like ours.  Mayor Walsh has supported Mission Hill and I am proud to say that Mission Hill will support Mayor Walsh!”

As a Ward 10 Candidates Forum organizer, Chris Freiss noted, “Mayor Walsh has proven his support for young professionals with his commitment to economic innovation, job sustainability, and prioritizing their inclusion.  He understands that more affordable housing is needed if young professionals are to stay in the City, buy their first home, and become active members of the community, as I was fortunate enough to do”.