Mayor Marty Walsh Delivers 2019 State Of The City Address

January 15, 2019 News

Walsh focused on education and jobs in the speech that was opened by a children’s orchestra a children’s choir.

By Jenna Fisher, Patch Staff

BOSTON — Boston Mayor Marty Walsh gave the State of the City Speech tonight at Symphony Hall in Boston. Walsh reviewed the city’s progress in jobs and education and outlined his administration’s agenda for the next year. 

“We have thrown open the doors of opportunity and Bostonians are surging through them to live their dreams and lead us forward. And because we’re drawing on more of our people’s strengths the state of the city is stronger than ever,” Walsh said. “The state of our city is strong, but I’m concerned about the state of our union.”

What happens in Boston we feel on the streets of Boston, he said. 

“Today it’s a pivotal time in our country. Too many people in too many communities are being left behind. Yet instead of being called to unify we’re driven apart,” he said. 

Walsh said Boston was addressing issues being ignored by Washington, including housing, infrastructure and climate change. Subscribe

“What we do in Boston can change this country,” he said. 

Walsh noted more people are working than at any time in the city’s history and that unemployment is at a low of 2.4 percent. 

“There’s no national infrastructure plan, none, but in Boston we’re rebuilding roads and bridges making our streets work for bikes and buses, and opening parks and libraries all across our city,” he said. 

The annual tradition was streamed live for the third year in a row Tuesday night. Watch it here, with Walsh giving a shout out to the Massachusetts State Boston Academy’s Basketball team for winning a championship:

The 54th mayor of the Hub was elected in 2014. 

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