Mayor Walsh: How We’re Investing in Jamaica Plain

May 18, 2019 News

Here in Jamaica Plain, we’re making investments across a wide range of projects, including parks and open space, streets and transportation, our schools’ infrastructure, and our delivery of city services.

Every spring, we release our Capital Investment Plan which funds the critical improvements to our infrastructure and facilities in Boston over a five-year period. It is a reflection of our priorities, and is guided by the voices of over 15,000 residents who offered input for our citywide plan, Imagine Boston 2030. Our Capital Plan funds the essentials of community life — our schools, streets, libraries, and parks, including climate and resilience projects. It’s a commitment to all those who call Boston home and to our future generations.

In Jamaica Plain, the environment and accessible, open spaces for families, neighbors and the community are key investments. That’s why we’re investing $10.5 million into equitable and accessible open spaces and parks in Jamaica Plain, including a $4.77 million investment in Jamaica Plain’s beloved Jamaica Pond, a longstanding landmark of Boston and the neighborhood. This investment will revitalize the pond’s pathways, and improve accessibility and pond drainage. Additionally, we’re putting $210,000 towards repairing and rehabilitating the pond’s boat dock. We believe that funding equitable and accessible community spaces is crucial to keeping Boston not only a beautiful city, but also an open and welcoming one.

In addition to Jamaica Pond, we’ve also devoted $1.89 million to renovate the Daisy Field at Olmsted Park, modernizing two softball fields, pathways, and LED sports lighting. We’ve also invested $1.75 towards upgrading the Flaherty Playground, and $1.74 million to improve Parkman Playground.

The city is also designating $600,000 for the Bussey Brook Meadow Trail at the Arnold Arboretum, including repairing the walking paths, restoring the wetland habitat and improving the flood retention capacity, and another $600,000 to mend the stone walls near Bussey Brook. A further $679,000 will go towards the restoration of Olmsted Park, which includes woodlands restoration, stair stabilization, and landscape improvements. We hope residents can continue to enjoy these spaces in the coming years.

We’re also allocating much of our budget to infrastructure and transportation efforts in order to make navigating Boston safe, reliable, and equitable. That’s why we’re putting $750,000 toward the redesign of portions of Centre and South Street.

We’ve also funded a number of longer-term projects designed to create growth and opportunity in each neighborhood long after the initial investment. These account for the requests of the neighborhood’s residents and prepare Boston for the coming years.

With an eye towards the future, we’re investing heavily in high-quality infrastructure improvements to better serve residents. That’s why we’re spending $3 million to rebuild the walkway that connects the two buildings of the Curley K-8 school. We’ve also put $200,000 towards creating and installing permanent artwork at the newly-renovated Jamaica Plain Branch of the Boston Public Library.

Now that we’ve submitted Boston’s budget, where do we go from here? First, to the City Council, where it will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary. After it’s gone through that process and secured approval, it will go into effect, starting in July 2020 and running throughout the next 12 months. We hope you will continue to provide your valuable input on what we as a city can do to raise up your community. If you’d like to learn more about the Capital Plan and how this budget was created, go to