Systemic change requires investment in our communities

July 8, 2020 News

I wanted to make sure you saw my op-ed in the Boston Globe. It’s about the opportunity we have, right now, to effect real change by directly supporting residents and organizations right here in our city.

When the coronavirus outbreak began, we launched an unprecedented, all-hands-on-deck effort. Then, when George Floyd was killed, sparking a nationwide movement for justice and equality, our city responded with the same urgency.

We’ve faced down incredible challenges this year, and it’s a testament to the strength of our community. We believe in using every tool at our disposal to help people in need and do the right thing, and that includes welcoming the generosity of so many Bostonians who want to help. Too many families impacted by this crisis are hanging on by a thread, and it’s our responsibility, as a city, to do whatever it takes to get them the support they need and deserve.

That’s why we created the Boston Resiliency Fund, which has raised over $32 million and dispersed more than $22 million directly to local nonprofits that are feeding, clothing, housing, and caring for the most vulnerable residents in our city.

That’s also why we created our new Racial Equity Fund, to advance racial justice by investing in local nonprofits that empower Black and Brown residents. Boston is home to outstanding local organizations led by people of color who have been doing racial equity work in Boston’s neighborhoods for many years. We want to support them and follow their lead.

Our ability to come together and create community partnerships is an incredible strength, that is undoubtedly making us a stronger, more effective, more compassionate city. It’s just one aspect of our work to build a healthier, more equitable Boston–but it’s one that really shows who we are as a city.

In response to both the COVID-19 pandemic and the movement for racial justice, Bostonians have come together, offering a national model for collective action and collaborative leadership. At this critical moment, we should continue to do everything we possibly can to support our fellow Bostonians.

Read my op-ed here.